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For those who sell

We are able to offer a range of exclusive services which in synergy with targeted investments, allow us to really make a difference on the market, both for the number of potential customers reached, and for the quality of the same. Through our constantly updated database we can immediately contact people who had previously given us clear in detail information regarding their needs and requests. All this allows us to have immediate feedback in terms of visits and therefore more sale opportunities.

Here are the advantages of selling with us:

  • Your property is optimised with an advertisement containing a precise description, the square metres of all the rooms, the characteristics of the apartment and also of the construction where it is located. The indexing of our agency is fundamental. In fact, we are the first on the most important national real estate search engines with banners and Top and Premium advertisements. In addition, we are constantly optimising and expanding our advertisements in collaboration with foreign real estate websites.
  • Your property will get more visibility through three monthly publications in major real estate journals in the wide distribution network of the marketplace. The advertisement is completed with colour photos and a detailed description. As the publication in all the issues is guaranteed, the advertisement has maximum visibility for a longer period and consequently can attracts the interest of potential buyers.
  • Our agency provides street poster advertisement which produces a higher return in terms of visibility. This will take place at strategic points such as covered parking places, urban and suburban bus terminals, back-lit display cases as well as street panels with our advertisements and agency information in order to have guaranteed results in terms of visibility and clients.
  • In order to avoid unnecessary loss of time, our agency offers real and market valuations, together with a property valuation for sale purposes referring to past sales of similar properties. Precise measurements are taken on site using a laser tool and together with standard coefficients as a reference to get an idea of the real market value we guarantee the customer all the necessary requirements with which the property will be placed on the housing market.
  • Having us as the sole real estate sale referents gives added certainty to those who sell and buy. Potential buyers will benefit from this as they will not see a property managed improperly or leading to doubts about different commissions, different requests, conflicting claims, lack of clarity regarding the exact location of the property. Moreover, the buyers will not risk seeing the same real estate with several agents, all at the expense of managing negotiations and because of the issues already highlighted.Over the years we have realised that the house has become a fundamental asset for young people and families. They are conscious of the sacrifices made to buy a safe haven that gives them guarantees for the future. That is why we are strongly convinced that property sales management must be transparent, professional and fair. According to us, this is not possible with various agents for the same property.

For those who buy

For those clients who commit themselves to buy a property, our agency offers a wide range of services, among which we offer ongoing advice during the negotiations until the final decision. Our real estate portfolio comprises a multitude of real estate properties, including a detailed description and a photo service of each property which facilitates the client in getting a clear insight of the property that can subsequently be viewed.

Here are the advantages of buying with us:

  • The customer who begins his house hunting quest is often faced with different types of advertisements which are not always clear and usually supported by incomplete information and therefore not conforming to the real proposed sale.Our company believes that publishing the authenticity of the property entrusted to us is the best business card. This is the reason why we insert advertisements with precise descriptions and photos taken with professional tools. In the advertisments, we also specify the square meters of all the rooms as well as other pertinences to give the client a clear idea right from the first consultation of ​​the property.
  • Our company offers our clients the opportunity, without any obligation whatsoever, to be followed by a financial advisor capable of understanding the clients' needs. This advice is free of charge and can be done directly in our agency. This allows the customer to have a quick definite answer regarding a mortgage loan or financing in general.
  • Notarial Consultation: our agency has been collaborating with Notary Offices, which offer us a comprehensive consultation as regards the latest tributary and fiscal updates, together with urban construction regulations. We can therefore guarantee a professional and qualified assistance, aimed to guarantee the successful outcome of the negotiation until the notarial deed.
  • Legal consultation: If required, our agency can provide legal advice, a professional service given by advocates who have assisted us and our clients, over the years, to have clear and actual information on the problems, if any, giving feasibility guarantees either of a negotiation or the final execution of a sale.
  • Technical consultation; nowadays the purchase of a property requires comprehensive and clear documentation. Our agency relies on Technical Offices that give us, and therefore even our customers, a guarantee from the earliest stages of the negotiation.The continuous updates and communication with the professional technicians who are collaborating with us, is the difference with which we portray our agency to our clientele, provides guarantees of a transparent and secure contract of sale.
  • Why buy with us: direct contact with the owners of the property we manage, a thorough knowledge of the real estate market and land located where the property managed by us is, the documentation is readily available for consultation in our agency, short negotiations to reach the conclusion of a proposal purchase, all this accompanied with the knowledge of being followed in a professional and transparent manner.

For the landlords

For property owners who choose to lease with us, we can offer a number of benefits ranging from maximum visibility on the web and on paper, a continuously updated database that gives us the opportunity to contact customers of different types.We demand concrete guarantees with which the clients must submit in order to enter into a lease proposal.

Here are the benefits of leasing with us:

  • Investing on the visibility of a property is crucial for us so we guarantee the maximum internet and paper indexing so that you have as much feedback as possible in terms of contacts and therefore a greater number of clients who actually will view the property to be leased. Everything is consolidated through a constant work in terms of visits and investments, all until the end of the lease itself.
  • Just as we are given to manage a property to be leased, we readily go to look in our database for potential tenants who may be interested in renting the property we are proposing. The clients first pass by us at the agency, we do an interview where we ask general and more specific information. When we have enough evidence and know the requirements and what they are actually looking for, we move on to the phoning for an appointment on the property. This way of working allows us also to know whether the customers correspond to the needs of the landlords.
  • How we lease a property: after a first contact, the client is inserted into our database, as soon as a suitable solution is found we contact the client who later, if interested, will view the property, if he is really interested we pass directly to draw up a proposal for a lease in our agency, where both the economic part and the contractual arrangements will be displayed and directly entered in the lease.
    Before submitting the lease proposal to the landlord, we ask the applicant to provide the following documents: the work contract, the last three payslips, if not in possession of an employment contract we demand that the lease contract be countersigned by a person with a regular employment contract and able to provide a solid guarantee for future peace of mind on the part of the lessor.
    As a solid proof of the lease proposal, an amount equal to two months of rent is issued from the conductive part. Upon acceptance of the same proposal the lessor will receive this amount which at the time of the lease will become a month of deposit and the payment of the first month's rent.
  • Our agency will perceive one month of rent plus VAT as mediation, as by law.
    After the first lease with us and for all the subsequent leasings we will not perceive the mediation by the lessor. This is done as a guarantee of a relationship of trust that is consolidated over time. We believe that the best advertising is the one made by clients that over the years have done very well with us and made sure that other people knew our agency.

For the tenants

For those looking for a property to be leased, our agency has a comprehensive portfolio where our clients can view the following features of the property, just by entering in the specific advertisement: the area of ​​location, actual square metres of the interior compartments and pertinences, condominium expenses, terms and conditions and delivery time. This is done so that the customer can have a holistic idea and can eventually decide to make an appointment directly at the property.

Here are the advantages of leasing an apartment with us:

  • The person who is looking for a house to be leased often browses the internet and a series of adverstiments in real estate magazines that do not specify the characteristics of the object of the proposed lease.
    This is the reason why our agency tries to insert useful and clear information, so that clients can quickly view the property, and therefore, tighten up the time limit for a possible lease. Having direct contact with the owner, as they have been clients for years, guarantees seriousness during the negotiations as we are well conscious of the needs of the landlord. We use suitable contracts that meet both the needs of the lessor and the tenant.
  • It very often occurs that our agency receives phone calls or emails from people who after having viewed our advertisements, inquire directly through email if a particular property that they are interested in is available for rent. Over the years we have scrupulously set-up a complete service to our clients who wish to directly secure a leasing contract without first coming to the agency. For such situations, we can pursue and complete a proposed lease online, requiring only the presence of the parties only at the contract of the lease, therefore at the handover of the keys and the apartment.
  • Our agency has external companies that can provide a complete and continuous service that ranges from normal maintenance of the rented apartments, to solving wear and tear problems.
  • Our agency, will continue following up the future tenant that will rent a property with us, even after the termination of the contract.Subsequently, we in fact provide a safe assistance which gives the tenants guarantees. We provide advice on the methods of leasing, we can clarify what the rights of the tenants are, all this in order to ensure the greatest possible frankness for all the duration of a lease, so as to assist the client in a professional and transparent manner.
  • To Proceed with a lease : as a first step we compile a proposal of lease in the agency: at the same time the proposing party shall deposit as a guarantee a down payment of two months. Next, if the owner will sign, accepting the leasing proposal and withdrawing the deposit, the applicant must countersign the acknowledgment of the acceptance of the proposed lease, and at the same time will also pay the agency a month plus VAT, then we will confirm a date for the leasing contract.
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